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Car Corp of Maryland Trading in Used Cars in Sykesville, MD. Not sure if your vehicle is worth trading in? Give us a try. Come to the source; where quality meets value every day!

top dollar for your car

Why can we give you the most for your trade?


Our staff are among the largest wholesalers in the DC Metro Area (Washington Baltimore Virginia
Pennsylvania). For those not familiar with what a wholesaler does, let us explain.  Wholesalers purchase
trade in cars from dealers that the dealer may not want to sell on their lot. For instance, if a Ford dealer
takes in a BMW the wholesaler would buy the BMW and resale it to the local BMW dealer or an
independent lot. The wholesaler would also be who the dealer calls when they are looking to find more
money for the customer on their trade-in.

So how does this work to benefit you? Car Corporation of Maryland will get the first
option to stock that trade-in here on our lot. We're cutting out the increase of pricing you would see
when it's placed for sale on the Big Franchise Dealer's lot.

Other benefits to you are no gimmick pricing, high standards for our state inspections
and no pressure buying. We offer an easy vehicle locate program that can save you time and money, as
well as we purchase your car at a higher market value than you would receive trading it in.

We are forward thinking in finding the easiest and most efficient way to put your new pre-owned vehicle
in your driveway.

If you can't find your new pre-owned vehicle, We CAN!!! 

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